Embody Healing Center

about us

Ashley and Michael met in college building a house for Habitat for Humanity, and their partnership, love and respect has birthed two beautiful children and Embody Healing Center.  They are two opposite ends of the same pole, together they learn and teach through their experiences and are redefining healing.  

This starts with an open floor plan without the separation of individual treatment rooms. Most people are surprised in their first session or class, because they have never experienced anything like Embody.

The layout empowers you to take a part of your own healing and recognize that you are the most important factor in your healing process.  When you come to the realization that you are responsible for your own healing, it is an empowering moment.   

Working with Ashley and Michael will quickly draw you to one single question, do I want to change? Am I ready to give up the old patterns-beliefs that have led to limitations in my body and Life? Am I ready to let go of the story of how I came to be here?

We all struggle at times mentally, physically and emotionally.  When we stop and start to look at ourselves, we begin to see how we are impacting our injuries or problems in our life. Then a change occurs, we embrace all we are, and take personal ownership for our mind, body and emotions. The real learning begins.


Are you ready to MOVE and OPEN?