The Sounds of Mother

A year ago, my wife gave me a present to go to India… In the past five years I have practiced and studied Empowered Sounds and sanskrit mantra, but I had never seen India… To say the least I was shocked, I had five weeks in India, and no kids… just me, whatever I wanted to do.

This sent me into great turmoil, it ended a belief instantly that I can’t… because I could, and I didn’t ask for it… she just did it.

To give some context of the Mother… you need to know some back story of many indigenous cultures and of India.  I am going to make some sweeping generalizations and I am by no means saying this is fact, this is my experience on the subject, my personal exploration… so don’t be offended if does not align with your beliefs or even facts you may know on the topic… In simplest terms to a westerner, God creator could be seen as Father and Earth, Giver, Nurturer could be seen as Mother.  In India there is Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy.  When we think of consciousness we are referring to awareness, the ability to be aware of something.  Meditation, is usually in the form of Father-Creator-Shiva-Consciousness.  Mother, is more in the lines of healing, energy, holding.  The stuff that Father meditates on.

Father=Meditation, Mother=Healing

That being said, you really can’t have one without the other.  But I was in search for the Sounds of Mother… I wanted to feel her… taste her… make love to her… be held by her… and bring her home… I wanted to become her…  I wanted to share her… I wanted to help others through her essence… through her Sounds.

When it comes to her Sounds, I find that people have very similar results while meditating on them (what I mean by meditation is simply, making a Empowered Sound aloud like Ram and continuously repeating it for a given session or using various Empowered Sounds)

People experience through Mother…

  • Grounded-ness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Confidence
  • Ease
  • Warmth
  • Intent

I use the Sounds very simply by resting your awareness (Father) on a given center of the body… there are six we use… above the head (the Flame), the center of the head (the Eye), the center of the chest (the heart), just below the navel (the belly), if lying down, just below the feet (the Root).  They are all on a central axis of energy called the Sushumna, in Sanskrit, in other systems of energy it is called the Central Channel.  It moves from the vertex of the head down through the perineum, it then descends between your legs.  On this central channel, you find various places where the meridians of Chinese medicine and the nadis of Ayurveda meet, these specific locations are called Chakras as you probably have heard, but more simply Energy centers.  So, while meditating using Empowered Sounds, you bring your awareness to a given center and you make a Sound.

The six centers have a corresponding bija (seed sound), basically the essence of the energy and consciousness commonly found… the most common sounds are found in Chakra meditations.

1. Lam at the perineum or root or Earth chakra

2. Vam around the public bone for the Water chakra or sacral-sexual center

3. Ram at the navel for the Fire chakra (sometimes at the Solar plexus depending on the given system)

4. Yam at in the center of chest for the Heart chakra-center

5. Ham or Hoom at the Throat chakra for the throat center

6. Om or Sham at the forehead or the center of the head near the pineal gland for the 3rd Eye chakra

7. And above the head gets a little dicey, the 1,000 petaled lotus, the crown chakra… some say you can’t use sound up there others go back to Om… but it is a sort of common belief that above the head, either connects you to the Soul, the spirit world or your Higher Self-Ego (As seen in the Anthroposophical model based on Rudolf Steiner‘s writings).

That being said, I use to teach these sounds, but I find them not to directly correspond to the Mother or integrative into moment to moment awareness practices in everyday life… they are universal forces of consciousness and nature, but through research and experience of working with students I have found other Sounds that were revealed to me through spontaneous healings of clients and students during session or classes… experiences throughout India, Peru… and my daily practice here in Ashland, OR & Mount Shasta, CA, which meet these objectives.

So, instead of 7 chakras, I use 6 centers.

From top to bottom…

The first center is about 6 to 12 inches above the head, I refer too as the Flame, because it is common to feel a sense of your eternal flame… your essence that comes with you from life to life… the Sounds is Sow.

Then in the center of the head but sometimes in the frontal eye… Hlreem

The throat behind the adam’s apple, etc, the power of your voice and a place of purity is Streem.

The center of the chest is the heart and the sound Gum, just like chewing gum.

The navel, the center of the Will is Ram (like saying ahhh at the doctor’s office, R-ahhhhh-mmm)

The root, just below the body when sitting or below the feet is Doom

So, in short…

Flame= Sow

Eye= Hlreem

Throat= Streem

Heart= Gum

Belly= Ram

Root= Doom

Now, the question is why are these the Sounds I chose for the Mother?

When I first arrived in India, I went to Tiruvannamalai and a mountain called Aranchula…. A mountain that was popularized when a Westerner, Paul Brunton wrote a book called a Search in Secret India about many saints of India… but specifically about Ramana Maharshi.  It is a Father place, a space of deep meditation… and stillness.  To my dismay as I was walking down from one of the caves, he meditated in, an Indian man, started asking me why I was chanting… and in so many words told me I was wasting my time… but I also got the message that this was not the place to find Mother, it opened me up to the awareness needed to allow Mother to permeate my soul… but no Mother to be found… only Father… so, I wasted no time and moved on to Puducherry, where I was originally supposed to be ending my trip for a Sanskrit Course taught by Sampadanda Mahishra, who wrote the introduction to the book Mantra Yoga & Primal Sounds that helped me really practice mantra seed sounds.  However, I did not have a place to and I stopped in at the Shri Aurobindo and Mother Ashram guest house I had arranged to stay at later in the month for the course…  But I felt I had to go now…

Throughout my life, I have always trusted my instincts and inner messages, no matter how much my mind disagreed.  So, Just a couple of days into my travels, I scrapped my original first week plan and left the Ramana Maharshi’s ashram for Puducherry. To say the least, I was terrified once I got to Puducherry, I still had about 5 weeks to go and my plans were shrinking, I had never left the US and I was alone… I never felt so alone and afraid in my life… however if you have ever been to Puducherry, it carries one of the most safe feelings of any place I have every been… the people are kind and upbeat, the ocean’s waves crash into the shore with peace… so, the fear was inside me… only in me… nowhere else… but as I saw a picture of Mother, I never felt so held in my fear… unbeknownst to me, an ignorant westerner, January is prime tourist season in Puducherry and it also prime time to visit the ashram… therefore the rooms had all been booked up for months… I begged like a child to the receptionist at the ashram for a room just for a night… now for people, who have traveled to India, you know that finding a room is easier than you think… but for me to find out that of the 5 guest houses not one had a room, I was terrified… but she let me stay one night… once I got my room, I laid and I cried myself to sleep… while I felt more connected than I ever had in my life… Mother was pouring her energy into me… the Sound was above my head in the flame… Om Sow Soondaree… (listen to the empowered sounds recordings)

The next day, I found myself a place to stay blocks away right on the Ocean, I found the Samdhi (place where Mother and Shir Aurobindo were buried), and I woke up everyday at 4ish to chant by the ocean… I visited the Samadhi 5 times a day for meditation… and the mornings greeted me with wondering Sadhus and huge spaces of opening… the rising sun Om Ram Ma…

And then came the projectile vomiting and in the words of Peter from the movie “I love you Man”… “that is a real thing”… I never knew there was such a thing as projectile vomiting… but it is true… as I went to find the Mother… I spent days purifying myself, emptying my body as I attempted to empty my mind and clear my emotions… at one point in the middle of night, the place I stayed put me on little motorcycle at two in the morning to go to the hospital… the place looked more like a jail than a medical facility… they wanted to put me on an IV, I said “NO NEEDLES”… all I wanted to do was go home… however after a 21 day practice, from morning to night of my mantra to Mother, visiting the Samadhi throughout the day, and reading texts on Sanskrit, Japa and the Vedas… something of the Mother really landed for me…

I then started a Sanskrit course, but within in days of thinking we would be doing mantra yoga all day, I found out there was a different objective… and then someone asked to look at my tattoos, and as I showed them… we ended up the Samadhi of 33 saints… where Sri Aurobindo first landed in Puducherry… and the main Samadhi was NagaLinga… as I was told the only such place in India… It was a Shiva Temple where an original palm leaf of Shiva was kept in the central sanctuary… The significance of the place was that I chant the Naga Gayatri as my mantra.  In Sanksrit Mythology and what can also be found in Atlantean Secrets written by Samuel Sagan, is the ultimate devotional beings of the Divine Mother… sacred Golden snakes… they are Purity… Om Hlreem Naga… and their king… Om Streem Vasookee…  they were said to “be cooked even longer than the gods”… pure Energy… LIFE… hence Mother… and as I chanted one night, the Puja (sacred Fire ceremony) became the words coming from my mouth, they chanted no other mantras… they allowed me to chant at the Samadhi of NagaLinga… and that night I was told by a messenger to go to Manchu Picchu…

Overall my first trip to India, felt more like an initiation, a purification and STAMP on my practice of Japa (the silent uttering of a Divine Name)… after this there was no turning back on my Truth of my practice and sharing with others…

Upon my arrival home, more and more people began coming to Meditation class and experiencing the Emotional Integration Process… this is an 8 session process of working through building awareness of your emotional reactions… building EI (Emotional Intelligence)… looking at Grief, Anger and Fear… when they arise enacting the Will.. by choosing to use their corresponding mantras of Warmth, Self-confidence and Ease… Doom for fear… Ram for Anger… and Gum for Grief…  Mother was calling me to bring more people to her… to help them to realize, she is in them… she is the answers within their own hearts… she is the all pervading healing force we are all capable of opening too…

Then one morning I awoke… knowing it was time to go to Peru… I bought the tickets within an hour of awakening… and I ended up in the Amazon taking sacred medicine… but more than that feeling her beautiful darkness.. her never ending love… her complete holding… just below the Malokas… where the Shamans conduct their healing ceremonies… I could feel this BLACKNESS… Om Doom Doorga… the Earth in all her depth and fullness… later I would experience this same feeling in India on another trip… so, these Empowered Sounds are not Indian or Hindu or Tibetan… they are universal principals of the Divine Mother… they are aspects of her power and love… and her many forms… they are invocations of becoming the Mother within your own being…no matter if you are man or woman…

As I moved throughout the Sacred Valley, beginning in Cusco, said to be the Navel of the world Om Ram Ma and ended up at Machu Pichu Souh, among all the sights and sounds of Mother… My trip ended on an island on Lake Titicaca… some 13,000 feet above sea level on Amantani, where I spent the solstice with the moon aligned with the temple of Pancha Mama (the Mother) chanting with my wife on my IPhone at 3am and ending in a group ceremony with the sunrise perfectly aligned with the Pancha Tata (the Father) around 5am… In the end you can only know the Mother through the awareness created by the Father… and to integrate consciousness and energy… Mother and Father within oneself… coming to the point that you are both… fully integrated male and female… this is not an end point, Enlightenment but a beginning point of exploring your own consciousness and energy… a microcosm of the macrocosm… to explore out there… all the cosmology, you explore within your own energy systems…

Upon coming back from Peru… people began to be able to rest their awareness more easily above their head with Sow…. my rule of using any Empowered Sound, is if 9 out of 10 students are able to have an experience with a Sound, it stays, if not, it goes… and together we build the space of the Mother, within ourselves individually… but through a collective process of practicing together and integrated the practices into our daily lives… when the real changes arrive… in the little moments… with our work, families and day to day challenges…

As I went further into my exploration at course at Clairvision, I presenced Doom and the center we rest on 6 to 12 inches below the feet during a week of inner exploration… again… this link from the Amazon… to the Volcanic land energies of Northern California to my last trip to India and the Doorga temple in Varanasi… the Mother was all around… because she is within…

When I went to India, I had planned to go to Rishikesh, Varanasi and end my Northern India exploration in Kalkota before returning to Puducherry in the South for my last week to attend a Sanskrit course… however plans kept me in Puducherry for the entire trip… my experiences went deeper and deeper with each new day’s practices. And my other plans kept getting cancelled… However, I was so drawn to Northern India… so when I saw on Miguel Ruiz‘s site a trip of those exact places I wanted to visit… I was led to say, YES!  I need to go to uncover deeper aspects of the Sounds of Mother.

As we arrived in Mumbai, we had a day to rest… but I was itching for temples and I found myself with some new friends and we landed in a Lakshmi and then Ganesha temple… at the Lakshmi temple there was this huge warmth landing in the heart and a pure white light above… Gum and Souh… then at the Ganesha temple, there was this high presence, up above the head that just allowed me to lock into this intensity… Om Foo Gana… and off we went to Shirdi to see Sai Baba… the great saint of India’s… Samadhi and town.

The first night, I was off to bed after a 5 hour bus ride… but the Group facilitator was giving a tour of the town.  He had been there nearly 20 years ago when it was empty, just the Samadhi and now there was literally a mall built right next to the Samadhi… which has a building that is nothing but aisles and aisles of lines to get to the Samadhi. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, just 40 minutes from Cedar Point (an amusement park that was known across the world for its rollercoasters).  I use to wait hours to get on new rides, but that is nothing compared to waiting for the morning aarti (fire ceremony).  I woke up at 2:00am after just an hour of sleep to be down in line by 2:30, and I was expecting to be at the head of the line.  This was not the case, it was packed… people literally sleeping in the line, it was beyond any Black Friday mania… the people have Bhakti (devotion), which is unparalleled.  If you take our western obsession with gadgets like the iPod and iPhone and who knows what will be next… and mix it with any other countries obsession with Futbol (what we like to call soccer in the US) during the World Cup, you have the level of Fire in these people’s hearts… but they are not looking to get the next gadget or see the big game, they are coming for aarti… to sing and praise God… Sai Baba is said to be a Shiva principal, he was a living force of the Divine Father energy… Christ like in his stories and presence… unwavering humility and an unparalleled heart… and he has since passed over a hundred years ago, but still people line up all day long to go to sing praise to him everyday of the week. They come from all over India and the world just to sing and walk by his statue… why you may ask… because he is pure Om Ram Ma…the shining sun… Fire… Love… the navel center.. Pure belly…

I sat down in line and by the end I had a mom and her daughter resting on one knee and two grandmothers on my other side, as we sat for hours… then the rush of the doors opening, and people literally push and shove to just get one moment of connection with the statue, to get to look into Sai Baba’s eyes… and let me tell you it is WORTH it… to me this Devotion is Mother… she permeates through everyone who waits in line… you can see her in every pair of eyes you see… in every hand that has brought flowers to offer to God… to each voice that chants aloud… to the LOVE with in each of our hearts… this is MOTHER… she is everywhere… She is pouring down her Sow… just like at the Pancha Mama temple on Amantani in Peru and later what I felt at Mother Theresa‘s mission where she is buried in Kalkota.  Like the moon that shines the Sun’s bright light in the darkest of nights… She is everywhere and can be felt throughout all spiritual paths and traditions… in all religions, whether it is mother Mary or Tripura Sundari, the mystic moon or Earth Goddess.. Om Sow Soondari… she is everywhere and everything… she is the CREATION.

The Mother is everything… everywhere… everyone… she HOLDS all of us… no matter what we do… loving or unloving… she is kind… she is compassionate… she loves us unconditionally… at times she seems to be hiding… at the Kali temple (she is the Goddess depicted by bones and skulls, always standing over a dead body) in Kalkota she was hiding behind fear… anger… violence… but she was there shining her light… her warmth… her BLISS… her LOVE, behind all the distractions… as she is in every war, not in the destruction, but in the tearing away of illusion, in the stripping away of the ego… in Death, she greets us with open arms… she is the Dragon… the depth of Fear… the endless abyss… the great unknown… she is the Dark Goddess…. the Black Madonna… Om Boo Naga… Om Doom Doorga… Om Ram Ma… Om Streem Vasookee… in all her Purity… she is as old as Life itself… she is the beginning and the end… she is the eternal womb… we all come from her… and will return to her… She is all encompassing… She is eternal salvation… she is HEALING… becoming whole again… a return to the light after the Dark Night of the Soul… She is AWAKENING… Heaven on Earth… she is the BEST of all of us… she is what can heal the worst of all of us… she is YOU, she is ME… she is all powerful miracle of LIFE, she is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and Acceptance… and I thank her for everything… she is the union of the Masculine and Feminine… she is Shiva and Shakti… she is man and woman… she is CREATION…

Will you make her Sounds with me?… will you build her in your heart and your belly and your BEING?… will you BE her in the world?

I hope we all integrate her into our everyday life… in the times when no one is looking, in the moments where we make the real decisions… in the times where we choose selfishness or kindness… not in sacrifice but in eternal transformation… in a new humanity, who has been always waiting to arrive… she is the choice of the Mind, your thoughts, your emotional reactions… or HER SOUNDS… what do you choose?

In love and gratitude,

Michael Nardi