Fresh vision on an old tattoo... Chanting on the pyramids with you : )

Don't you love my son's striped pajamas Ba ha ha ha

Don't you love my son's striped pajamas Ba ha ha ha

While I am chanting like most mornings my kids find their way to my lap.

This morning was no different, but since it has been so cold lately... my arms have been covered with sleeves.

Today my forearm attracted my son's attention shortly after his arrival into my lap. In his comfy striped pajamas : )

He was inquisitive of my tattoo and what it meant.

I was intrigued how his eyes brought new vision to something that has been on my arms for years.  

Honestly, it was a tattoo that I have thought of covering up. I lost the thread to it. My wife loves it, it sparks something for her... I think she saw something I could not embrace in myself. Truth I was not ready to face. Love and acceptance of my passion for chanting.  And pyramids and of God and mother within myself. Within my temple inside me. And sharing it with others.

But her joy over the lotus and the feeling behind it helped me keep it in tact and not get another tattoo over it. Thanks God and Mother :  )

Today, I am inspired. We are about to chant on the pyramids. The eight lotus petals represent Vedic practices. They also symbolize purity, we are going to purify our temples within. A big triangle. The pyramids of Teotihuacan, the energy of these holy grounds and the Toltec wisdom. To embrace God the smaller upward triangle and Mother the downward triangle inside us all. In our center the circle. The Heart of all we are to be all we are. Because we are perfect and complete as we are right now in this moment.

Ahhh I can't wait to go for this Spring Equinox 2017 to chant on the Pyramids with all of you. the circle around the Pyramid, this is all of us together.... chanting on the pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. 

Come chant with us!