A magical moment, a Divine appointment, 15 years in the making


15 years ago... December 1st, 2001... it was the first time I loved myself unconditionally, saying NO for the first time in my life... saying YES to myself. I had pushed life too far, and I had to make a decision for myself.  It was the first time I said NO to my brother, to his addictions.  It saved my life and opened up a new timeline for myself.  

I believe this act opened the door to this moment... Miguel and I holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes on the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.  The Moon, the MOTHER, all of his LOVE... all of my LOVE... resting on holy ground.  BEING HERE... NOW, within myself... in the intensity... an awkward gulp... to hold the gaze, to not give in... to continue... to STAY present.

The love I felt inside myself, from his presence was immense, the gratitude I felt for his LOVE, can't be measured.  It may have been a minute, five minutes... but it felt like a lifetime.

The 15 year span from when I first read his books... being completely transformed from my favorite the Mastery of Love... to realize how much I hated myself... how much I chose to continually hurt myself... to build enough awareness to really change... 


After over a decade of Meditation and awareness practices, I have begun to consciously to say YES to me...

My story, my name, my character Michael is slowly dying and I am being reborn to who I truly am... the FORCE, which moves my body... the FORCE which chants Empowered Sounds... the FORCE, which gives me a voice!

Our story is one of the major obstacles of self-love... holding on to the hurts, the wounds... it only prevents unconditional love and acceptance... as adults, we have a choice now... as kids we may have been helpless... but now YOU and I have a choice...

CHOOSE YOU... not your story... choose the part of you that is immortal, your Eternal Flame... find a practice of awareness that leads you to a relationship with the most intimate part of yourself... let go of the rest... and DIE to the moment and YOU will awaken to who you truly are...

This can hurt, because as Miguel says you have let the poison out... but it is worth the pain... forgive, let go and accept yourself as you are... BECAUSE YOU ARE PERFECT... all my LOVE!

"You are the Temple"... Come chant on the pyramids and take your own Power Journey, March 20-23rd