The Teacherless Path

Before I first came to Teotihuacan I wrote a blog about Teachers. 

It was shortly after the passing of a great Teacher Samuel Sagan and the meeting of another teacher Jose Ruiz. 

Now that time has passed, I want to again reflect on the role of a teacher on my journey.  

Most of my life I have not been blessed with a close teacher.  

I have been jealous of close students of any great Teacher.  

However, I realize there are benefits to a teacher and at the same time to not having a teacher.  

With a teacher, you receive guidance along the way, with someone watching when you are falling. They may pick you up or choose not to, all for your best interest. They can give clear guidance and instruction.  

However, without a Teacher I have had the opportunity to need to make choices constantly. Some could be criticized and some uplifted, but they were all of my choices.  I take responsibility for them, unless my victimhood is calling the shots.  

On the Teacherless path everyone is your Teacher. All moments are important. This could be said of a path with a Teacher too.  

However, I am speaking of constant discernment of what and when to practice.  I learned the importance of practice from Samuel and the importance of following my Truth from Eric Pearl. Jose has taught me love, his father Miguel Ruiz taught me so much through his books I can't sum it up to one thing.  

My daughter and son have been even greater teachers. They humble me. I am seen as kind and present, however kids reveal your cracks.  Lyla, my daughter has taught me patience and my son has taught me joy. 

In the end the true Teacher comes inside and if you are lucky enough to have Teachers in your life, you are blessed. If you are not you are blessed.   

I trust all my crazy decisions, marriage, the seminary, children, trips to India.  Bringing my family to Teotihuacan. All of it. I am blessed. I am grateful. 

Love and warmth from Teotihuacan.