1. Day 1, Part 1_ There are No Limits, Be Glorious

Deep inside of us all are inner resources, which we can access if we learn to build awareness. To access these powers within yourself, use mantra meditation. This is a podcast for self-care and success using meditation practices based on 7 sounds. A free 30-day workshop to learn about Mantra through a morning chanting practice, an energy awakening practice and the Power of Vulnerability. Integrate these 7 sounds (mantras) into your day to day life. You will learn to rest your awareness in each of your 7 energy centers with a corresponding sound for each chakra from the Earth Chakra to the Crown Chakra. This will lead to a deep connection with yourself, grounded and without judgment to increase unconditional love and acceptance.  Thus allowing you to live a life without limits.  There are no limits, be glorious. In subsequent seasons, further develop yourself with various mantra techniques and lectures of integrating practices into your life. A temple is a dwelling place of God, the Infinite and Mother Divine. Know "You are the Temple", chanting allows you to experience this Truth.