Physical Therapy

Session will include pre-hab, rehab, mobility, stability, balance and strengthening exercises to address your injury and your whole body system.  Ashley uses movement, loaded progressive stretching, neuromusculature re-education and movement patterns required to be a human, including squatting, hanging, crawling and swivels.  Tissues respond to the stimulus they are provided with; meaning that if tissues are provided with nourishing movements in the appropriate dosage and intensity, they adapt and become stronger, more mobile and more functional.  If they are provided with immobility, a fear of movement and compensatory methods of movement, the body will become weaker, less mobile and less functional.  

Practitioner: Ashley Nardi

45 min apt, Call to schedule, Mon-Thurs 7:30am-3pm, Friday 7:30am- 1:30pm

Human Functional Movement Class (Tuesdays 11:15am) 

Free for current patients

When our nervous system is highjacked, we have a flight or fight response.  We tend to be highly reactional, hypertense and irritated or we are sedated, unconscious of our decisions and inappropriately responsive.  The class will ground you back into your body, allowing your nervous system to relax and reboot. 

Class will focus on basic movement patterns including: hanging, squatting, waves, and swivels.  Learn foundational human movement patterns that are missed in our normal daily lives. Learn to become comfortable in movements fundamental to being a human being, while having fun and calming the nervous system down.  

Teacher: Ashley Nardi

45-Min, All Levels, $20/class; $200 punch card/ 10 class, $200 for 1 month unlimited all classes

Movement Class (M/W/F 11:15 am;  TU 9am)

Class will include movements and movement patterns to pre-hab, rehab, mobilize, stabilize and strengthen your joints.  The Neck, Mid back, Low back, Shoulders, Shoulder blades, Elbows, Wrist, Hips, Knees, and Ankles will be addressed with mobility, strengthening and spiral movements.  Be prepared for squatting, hanging, crawling, floor-work, learning new movement patterns, balancing and any movements in between.  No two classes will be the same and each day of the week we will work with a general body part.

Mondays: Arms

Tuesdays: Spine

Wednesday: Legs

Fridays: Balance/Movement Patterns

Teacher: Ashley Nardi

45-Min, All Levels, $20/class; $200 punch card/ 10 class, $200 for 1 month unlimited all classes

Chanting Class (Thursdays 11:15am)  

Free to the community

Michael teaches Vedic Chanting guided by Toltec Wisdom.

Chant with others looking to empower, center and connect deeply to the Divinity within themselves. 

"When we stop judging ourselves and accept ourselves ... we begin the path of unconditional love and true discernment."

Teacher: Michael Nardi

Schedule a Japa Yoga lesson with Michael

45-Min, All Levels, Free