I have, through chanting Empowered Sounds, a new calmness in my life. I’m not so bothered by the what ifs and rarely visit these. I’m more grounded in the “self,” and more in the here and now. I have more acceptance of my health challenges. I’ve been given a new outlook for my chronic pain. My anxiety is now clear and easily recognized. It does not rule my journey towards better health. I’m more comfortable and accepting of my physical challenges. I’m more open to a lifestyle of daily participation on working towards improving and maintaining my physical functioning. I have more confidence and courage to face my setbacks and other challenges to my health.

I have more gratitude in my daily living.
— Peggy Strong

Ashley provided very personal treatment. I appreciated her hands on methodology. The space was open and welcoming. Ashley was responsive to my input and answered my questions in lay persons terms.
— Regina Ayers
Yes, would definitely recommend. Felt comfortable with Ashley immediately. She inspired my trust with being so present, honest, knowledgeable, gentle, perceptive and light. She obviously knows a lot about the body but remains accessible and supportive. I was amazed at how much she noticed about my patterns and shared her observations in a sensitive way.
— Kay Kendall
Michael, meditation is really good for me! In the span of only 3 weeks of working with you, I have found I am able to fall asleep again after my nightly 3 am trip to the bathroom, and that comes after 5 years of insomnia. I have even surprised myself at my diligence to my morning meditation practice, and as you said, there is so much more to be gained than just becoming grounded (which is pretty good in and of itself)! Thanks for seeing that I have unprocessed grief, I was avoiding that sadness, but I guess it is time to face it now and make more space.
— Sequoia Miller
My experience with Michael was a rare one. He immediately helped me feel comfortable with a practice I am skeptical about. It took only minutes for me to trust him and fall into a deep sense of relaxation. While he used his energy, his knowledge and skills to free up a deep hurt in my back, he also taught me about how my own energy could be utilized in healing a long-time back issue. I walked out of the office feeling unusually centered, with a very relaxed back, and headed out for a trip, rowing and floating a river for three days, bicycling and hiking for miles, with zero pain. I am grateful. ;-)
— Terry